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After the Wedding State College Wedding Photo - RAW Processing

I think it's important to note that I personally process your photos. This step is often outsourced, which is a disservice to you, my client.

I have not seen a "photo farm" yet that meets my expectations for quality. I'm not bragging—it's just the way it is. I'm a craftsman, who takes pride in his work. A nameless employee who processes thousands of images per day in a cubicle just can't match my standards.

One of the biggest differences between a professional and an amateur photographer is the post-process. I always shoot using "RAW" format, which allows much more flexibility in the post-process.

For examples of RAW processing, I've assembled a digital darkroom page that shows before and after versions of a photo, stepping through the post-process and retouching of an image.

The digital negative is only the starting point. As Ansel Adams said, "The negative is comparable to the composer's score and the print to its performance."

As a former Adobe Trainer, I am highly skilled in the digital darkroom. I hand-process each image that you select from proofs, carefully adjusting the lighting, color and exposure. I will do custom dodging, burning and pay close attention to detail. My goal is to make the image as close as possible to the moment in which I experienced it, without letting the camera get in the way. Click here for a post-process walk-through.

Once the wedding is over, our relationship continues. We'll go over the photos, choosing which to process and print. I'll demonstrate the post-process with samples, so you can see before-and-after.

I will work hard to ensure that your images are the best they can be...images to last a lifetime.

Are you interested in learning this yourself? Choose the DIY option, with training available on Mac or Windows, on a variety of packages you already own.