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Professional, experienced wedding photography for State College, Central Pennsylvania and beyond.

Flexible rates to suit your needs and budget, starting at $1800.

You own the rights to your photos and receive all of the full digital files at no extra charge, inlcuding raw files, on a hard disc drive. You can print or share your photos with no restrictions and no watermarks. Consultations in person, by phone or email.

Overnight travel and destination weddings available, photojournalism a specialty.

About me

Professional Photographers of America

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, and I am passionate about photography. I've been a working professional for more than 20 years, with more than a million photos in my portfolio.

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In terms of philosophy. I believe that the emotional content of a photograph is directly related to how real it is. In other words, photojournalism. This is not to say that I simply take what comes out of the camera, far from it. There's a big difference between how the camera captures a scene and how your eye perceives it, and I bridge that gap. I know my equipment well, and I will capture the real day in real time.

Yes, we'll have plenty of posed portraits, and a lot of fun during the portrait sessions, but the most dynamic and memorable photographs are the ones I take in the moment, and I'm very good at that! You will get, literally, thousands of photos. It has been said that I'm the hardest-working wedding photogapher in the area. I can't speak to that, since I rarely see others in my field, but I can assure you that I will do the absolute best that I can for you, and if that means running, climbing, stooping or working up a sweat, that's what I'll do. I'm old enough to know what I'm doing, but young enough to get it done.

I am often asked about my artistic vision, and while there is certainly an artistic aspect to photography, I consider it a craft. That is, there are certain expectations. Nobody wants weird wedding photos. I take my craft very seriously. I'll find small gestures and special moments, fleeting expressions that elevate a photo into something more than a snapshot. I will include the landscape, the architecture and document the day so you can return to it again and again. In the post-process, I'll crop, dodge, burn and retouch each image you select from proofs to make sure that they capture the moment and trigger emotions.

References are available, but a picture is worth a thousand words! At the bottom of this page are a few samples from my portfolio, or I can bring some along when we meet.

“Thanks again, and great job!
you never took a minute off
   and these photos prove it.”

During the ceremony, I will be discrete. I will not intrude on intimate moments. I'll capture the genuine emotions of the day and keep it real, but I won't miss anything, either. I've got the right equipment to let me take close-ups from a good distance. During the portrait session, I'll suggest settings, backdrops and poses, taking cues from your style.

State College Wedding Photo

Portrait sessions keep your guests waiting, so I work fast. I use state-or-the-art cameras, so I don't need a tripod or studio equipment for portraits, and I keep each of my lenses on a different camera body so I don't need to switch them out.

What is photojournalism?

Photojournalism is the art of telling stories through photos. A photojournalist captures the day, as opposed to taking static, formal, portraits or imposing an unrealistic vision on the subjects, like a fashion photographer. This makes your photos real. In my opinion, some of the best photos are captured when nobody is looking at the camera.

So what does photojournalism look like? Here's a gallery from a wedding at the Nittany Lion Inn as an example.

What kinds of photos will I get?

The short answer is lots and lots of different photos! You will literally get thousands of photos of all sorts. Most photographers sort through the photos and give you just the ones they like. I give you everything. These include candids, details, wide-angles, close-ups, intimate moments, documentary-style coverage, bridal portraits and formal group photos. I move around a lot, and I get a lot of different looks at everything I see. You don't just get a DVD or a thumb drive with your get a real hard drive, because there is usually about 150-180GB of data, and that's a lot.

wedding photos

I am often asked about my style. This is hard for me to answer, since I've done a lot of things in my career, and no two weddings are the same. I have literally taken millions of photos, so if you have a particular style in mind, we can work together to get the look you want. My portfolio should tell you my style, even if I struggle in the description! The same goes for processing. I tend to like warm, saturated colors, but I'm perfectly comfortable with black and white, high-key, low-contrast or muted tones. Leave it to me or micro-manage, it's up to you.

For purposes of comparison, I shoot a mix of photojournalism and contemporary portraiture. I've tried to include a lot of samples here, but feel free to contact me for examples of a whole wedding, or check my Facebook page for samples sets from my most recent weddings.

Over the last 20 years, I've specialized in architecture, portraits, landscapes, still life and every sort of genre. You will get all of that. To see my fine art portfolio and other work, visit my home page at I am probably best-known for my Penn State campus photos, and as the leading campus photographer, I can get a lot of locations in, very quickly.

After the Wedding - Post-Processing

I always shoot using "RAW" format, which allows a wider latitude in post-processing. I will adjust the photos you select for proper exposure, contrast and color. I process all of your photos personally. For more information about how I process your photos, follow this link.


The typical rate for a complete wedding is between $1800 and $2650, depending on your needs. Rates are negotiable for off-season and other special circumstances.

All of the images and digital negatives are yours to keep—you own the copyright. There are no hidden fees, no printing fees, and consultations are always free.

You can print your photos printed yourself, or you can work with one of our partners for museum-quality mounting, matting and framing. I only use the highest quality lenses, so your photos can be enlarged up to 40 inches or more. You will note that there are no "photo credits" listed. This is because I don't hold prints hostage for more money. You own the copyright. If you do purchase prints from one of my partners, it's at my own wholesale cost, for example, an 8x10 is about $2.00.

A typical day will include photos of preparations, details, the ceremony, a formal portrait session and candid photography at your reception. This will include a wide variety of artistic shots, action and candid photos from a number of perspectives. Your requests are also important to me.

Suggested Packages

Below are some packages with the most common requests. You are always free to customize my services to your needs

Please note: I always give you every picture I take that day, even the "bad" ones. I will sort out truly unsuitable images, such as those that fired by accident, but I do not sort out a few hundred of my favorites, then discard the rest. Certain images may mean something very special to you, and I have no way of judging that. I also give them to you in RAW format, which is the digital equivalent of a film negative. I'm not aware of anybody in the area who does that, but I feel that you should have the maximum flexibility and choice. I learned a long time ago that there isn't a lot of overlap between my selections and my clients' selections, because I judge them on technical and artistic merit, not I don't throw them out. Instead, I give them all to you.

Need help with timelines or anything else? I'm happy to share my experience and help you plan.

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$1800 - The Basics

  • a good choice for "single venue" weddings, when the ceremony and reception are at the same location
  • coverage of your ceremony and reception
  • formal portraits at a location of your choice
  • all digital files on a portable hard disk in RAW format, usually several thousand
  • no watermarks!
  • up to 100 photos processed for color, contrast
  • you own the copyright

$2250 - Standard

  • up to 12 hours coverage
  • bridal party photos at one or two locations of your choice
  • all digital files on a portable hard disk in RAW format, usually several thousand
  • no watermarks - print anywhere you like!
  • thousands of photos
  • you choose up to 200 photos to process for color, contrast
  • up to 24 fully retouched photos, suitable for enlargement
  • you own the copyright

$2450 - Penn State Campus Tour

  • up to 12 hours of coverage
  • bridal party photos at the Lion Shrine, Old Main, Alumni Gardens, Landmark Sign (Beaver Stadium) or your choice. For Arboretum photos, contact me.
  • all digital files on a portable hard disk - everything I shoot, usually more than 3000 in RAW format
  • no watermarks - print anywhere you like!
  • you choose up to 200 photos to process for color, contrast
  • up to 24 fully retouched photos, suitable for enlargement
  • you own the copyright

$2650 - Standard Plus

  • no time limits
  • coverage of rehearsal, getting ready, ceremony and reception
  • no limit on portrait locations, time permitting
  • all digital files on a portable hard disk - that's everything I shoot, usually more than 3000 in RAW format
  • time lapse video of select areas
  • no watermarks - print anywhere you like!
  • thousands of photos
  • you choose up to 400 photos tp process for color, contrast
  • up to 36 fully-retouched photos, suitable for enlargement
  • you own the copyright

Name your own price

  • Off-season or last minute? feel free to negotiate
  • Limited coverage or a whole day, it's up to you
  • All digital files on a portable hard disk
  • No watermarks - print anywhere you like!
  • Custom processing or DIY
  • Custom craft a package based on your budget


  • Full-Service Photo Booth - photo booth, props, a knowledgable assistant and full processing
  • Budget booth - Advice on creating your DIY photo booth
  • Second professional photographer—Rates vary, typically about $500.
  • Video slideshows, albums, prints, aerial drone coverage and more…
  • Time-lapse video
  • Aerial photography or video with quadcopter (rates vary)


  • No copyright restrictions or watermarks.
  • All photos are taken in RAW format. These can be converted to black and white, with extended darkroom capabilities for lighting, contrast and color—you get everything I shoot,not just my personal favorites.
  • I use only the best L series and prime lenses. I use the best cameras, and I usually have four on hand, just in case.
  • I personally retouch your photos.
  • Backups of all your files are maintained for a minimum of five years.
  • Discrete, non-intrusive coverage of ceremony and intimate moments.
  • Custom-craft a package to suit your needs.
  • A la carte and off-season pricing available.

Other services

Have some old family photos that you'd like to restore and display? Photo restoration services will make those old photos look like new!

Please email me at if you would like more information or would like to meet and discuss your needs.


Below are just a few samples from my portfolio. Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask! I have thousands more, including some additional links at the bottom of the page.

What can you realistically expect over the whole wedding? Here are about 85 photos from a typical Penn State Arboretum wedding.

Nittany Lion wedding photo
Nittany Lion Wedding Photo

Click the photo above for more samples from this wedding

Nittany Lion Inn wedding
Nittany Lion Inn

lacing wedding dress

Lily Manor wedding photo
Lily Manor

"The Barn", Greensburg, PA

Bridesmaids Candid - State College, PA
Bridesmaids at "The Barn", Greensburg, PA

Groom Candid at
Groom Candid at "The Barn", Greensburg, PA

Wedding dress hanging in window
Brookmere Winery

Nittany Lion Wedding portrait
Nittany Lion Shrine, Penn State

Wedding Reception at The Penn Stater
The Penn Stater

Wedding Reception at The Nittany Lion Inn

Lily Manor wedding photos
Lily Manor

State College Days Inn Wedding reception
Days Inn, Penn State

Toftrees wedding photo State College
Toftrees Hotel and Resort

Penn State wedding portrait
Penn State, Eisenhower Chapel

Altoona Wedding reception photo
Bavarian Aid Society, Altoona

Zombie wedding photo
Riverside Park, Altoona

Beaver Stadium wedding photos
Beaver Stadium, Penn State

C Barton McCann School of Art wedding photo
C. Barton McCann School of Art

State College bridal portrait Penn State wedding photo
Bridal portrait on staircase State College Presbyterian Church wedding with bubbles
Farm bride Penn State elms wedding photo
Penn State Wedding photo at Old Main Columns
Penn State Arboretum Bridal Portrait
Winter Wedding Portrait in Snow
General Potter farm wedding photos Penn State Eisenhower Chapel wedding photo
Penn State Alumni Garden wedding photo
wedding portrait, State College Penn State campus wedding
general potter farm wedding reception photo
Penn State candid wedding photo
Bridesmaids jumping in air
Wedding candid - ring closeup
Nittany Lion Wedding Photo

For more photos, check out my check my Facebook page, Wedding Gallery or blog.

If you're planning a Penn State wedding, here are samples from a typical Penn State wedding , a few Penn State arboretum weddings, and a Nittany Lion Inn wedding ...and if you're a really big Penn State fan? Here is a gallery of Beaver Stadium wedding photos.


I use state of the art digital cameras with some of the best lenses money can buy. Click here for details on my equipment.

Contact me

William Ames
PO Box 845
State College, PA 16804

Please note

Prices and availability subject to change. Standard contract required.

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